The "Truth" About Cosmetic 

"Laser" Hair Transplants


Laser Hair Transplants (replacement/restoration) was first introduced years

ago to try to increase the technology of transplanting hair to a “new” level.

What was later discovered is that by using the laser to make the aperture (opening where the graft is implanted) lowered the survival success rate by as much as 40%. This was caused by a lack of blood flow to the new graft after being implanted into the laser created aperture. The laser hair beam actually cauterized the area, stopping the blood flow that a brand new graft needs to survive.


Unfortunately, the public was already sold on this so called "new technology." When offices all around the world started advertising Laser Hair Transplants (replacement/restoration) as the newest advancement in hair transplants, potential patients liked hearing those words. In fact, the phrase "Laser Hair Transplants" (restoration/replacement) is used as one of the biggest selling tools to get new patients in the door.


The truth about this new found laser hair transplantation technology is that in order for the grafts to get back up to their approximately 95% or higher survival rate, the physician needed to go back into the same aperture (that was just made with a laser) by using a small blade type instrument to make a little slit that would allow the new graft to have a source of blood flow and nourishment. If this extra step of making an aperture was not done then the patient would end up having a very low graft survival rate and limited growth of approximately 60% or less!


Clinics who use this so called "advanced technology" do not want the public to know this information.


The most successful way to do a great hair transplant procedure is to make the smallest and non-detectable slit or aperture without a laser. The "tried and true” way is using the highest-grade micro needle blade like instruments since it allows transplanted grafts to immediately receive the nourishment of blood supply they need to heal for the highest graft survival rate possible.


Lasers are a great and wonderful tool of this current era for all kinds of different procedures. But, they should not be used for hair transplants as a selling tool just to get patients in the door and be made to think they are getting the best type of procedure available.


At Our Medical Center we still use the "tried and true" method of implanting hair grafts by hand so our patients enjoy a 95% or higher survival rate of their hair transplants.


The “TRUTH” About Cosmetic "Laser" Hair Transplants
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To get a better Idea of how your "tried and true" method of implanting hair grafts will look like (done correctly) go to our  Before & After Photo Gallery.

© Re - Copyrighted 2014, All Rights Reserved, Hair Transplantation Hair Restoration Center
© Re - Copyrighted 2014, All Rights Reserved, Hair Transplantation Hair Restoration Center
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